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August 10, 2019 Modern Nightstands

Whitewashed Nightstand: Economical and Beautiful!

The whitewashed nightstand is a complement to our bedroom that we have been seeing for decades. It is functional, it helps us to place the books, a lamp, the glass of water … in short, that kind of things that we take to bed at night. But beyond the very typical bedside tables that we are all accustomed to seeing, there is much more life, many more designs. In this book of ideas, we wanted to compile bedside tables of the most original, different to everything you were used to seeing.

French Whitewashed Nightstand

French Whitewashed Nightstand

We start with a small whitewashed nightstand – suitcase covered with mirror material. An ideal proposal for a casual, youthful bedroom with vintage decoration … You can even make it yourself with an old suitcase if you’re a little handyman, do not you think? Economical and beautiful! With a part of a trunk, this wonderful bedside table with three black iron legs has been achieved. It is fantastic to give a rustic touch to any room.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Whitewashed Nightstand: Economical and Beautiful!

Image of: Whitewashed Nightstand Wood
Image of: Whitewashed Nightstand with Lamp
Image of: Whitewashed Nightstand Paint
Image of: Whitewashed Nightstand Modern
Image of: Whitewashed Nightstand Drawer
Image of: Whitewashed Nightstand Color
Image of: Whitewashed Nightstand and Dresser
Image of: Twin Whitewashed Nightstand
Image of: Simple Whitewashed Nightstand
Image of: Placed Whitewashed Nightstand
Image of: Home Whitewashed Nightstand
Image of: French Whitewashed Nightstand

A proposal that a priori is simple, but that is great in the bedroom. Have you ever considered having some hanging tables? With a simple base in different colors and two pairs of ropes anchored to the ceiling, you get these very beautiful whitewashed nightstands. It is an idea that any of you can carry out and that will be much more favorable in houses with high ceilings.


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