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July 23, 2019 Headboard Design

Choosing Style Bed Headboards Ideas

Bed Headboards – The style of the headboard of the bed should be chosen with care since it occupies an important place in the decoration of the bedroom. The good thing is that there is a huge amount of variants and possibilities to select. This article describes some of the current trends to decorate the headboard of the bed, ranging from the placement of paintings or wallpaper to original options such as blackboards, mirrors or the reuse of many different objects.

King Size Bed Headboards

King Size Bed Headboards

The bed headboards of the bed is an area that until not long ago gave some problems to define its decoration. In another era, this space was usually occupied with a crucifix, the image of a saint or some other religious icon. Nowadays that is not so common, and it has to be filled with other elements. Wallpaper headboard a wallpaper headboard offers several possibilities. First, because its size can be very varied.

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It can be just a paper socket, with a height of only a few inches above the bed, or cover almost the entire wall, to the ceiling. If it is a base, you can add a wooden molding, which delimits it and highlights its colors. The other feature that allows a huge amount of options is the color and the prints of the paper. A reused object the tendency to reuse objects offers, in these bed headboards, a great variety.

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