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August 4, 2019 Nightstands Design

Brilliant Idea Pallet Nightstand

Those who need additional place to sit and the pallet nightstand is a piece of furniture of little use, can take advantage of the benefits of a chair or a bench for that purpose. Not only fun and casual, but practical to sit and put on! Following the idea of ​​objects out of context applied as a support surface, having stairs on the sides of the bed does not seem like such a bad idea. With multiple steps to place things, it is an interesting option for industrial or Scandinavian environments

Create Pallet Nightstand

Create Pallet Nightstand

Culminating with the display of unusual objects, we find perhaps the most practical version for the pallet nightstand … the table-lamp. His name speaks for itself and it only remains to reflect on how I never came up with this brilliant idea before? The world of design is full of ideas and beautiful objects but little useful. Maybe this is one of them. I do not question the poetry on the table, but I am worried that the hammock is wobbling a bit carrying fragile objects.

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Image of: Create Pallet Nightstand

Still, I imagine it in children’s rooms or on a porch. For those who feel that a pallet nightstand is not enough, they will know that it can play with 2 or more tables of different heights. Even, several different models can coexist in harmony, if they are put with coherence and discretion. It is an interesting look for art collectors or peculiar furniture.


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